«Baltik-Company» company provides the following services:

  • Engineering consultancy;
  • Engineering systems design;
  • General contractor inner civil engineering work;
  • Technical and estimate cost documents preparation;
  • Assembling and master fitting, starting-up and adjustment;
  • After-sales service;
  • Audit of the implemented projects;
  • Equipment selection and its delivery;
  • Fittings on the prepared design.

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Our company is one of the leaders of the industry now.

«Baltik-Company» team consists of high profile engineers, and specialists of different technical skills.

Our project managers, after-sales service specialists and fitters implement complex engineering solutions such as heat pumping

If one needs house ventilation or air conditioner installation in St Petersburg, we will deliver this service quickly and with high quality.

«Baltik-Company» does its best to make comfortable microclimate in the Client’s space. We offer high quality air conditioners for apartments and modern equipment for ventilation system in St. Petersburg. When fitting heaters we use only safe technologies. We fit heat pumps as the most efficient and healthy.

Our company provides high quality services on selecting and delivering equipment for civil engineering works within the specified deadlines. Company experts conduct technical advising, design and after sales service of equipment.

Our differentiation from competitors

With just visiting a couple of specialised websites you will easily understand that "ventilation in St. Petersburg" costs pretty much the same. Normally the cost contains standard equipment and its installation. Therefore when choosing the executor key criteria are high quality service provision and qualification of staff.

Our company is known for executing work and after-sales services with high quality and short turnaround. «Baltik-Company» does its best to satisfy the high quality requirements of the Clients. Using our services once, Clients choose us as their ongoing partners and recommend us to others.

Our company always wants to improve service: both home ventilation and office district heating are implemented considering Client’s requirements. We offer general contractors profitable cooperation and guarantee deadlines specified in the Contract.

Come to us! «Baltik-Company» provides high profile service at every stage: from your first call to us to adjustment and commissioning onsite.

Technical department services

The department is designing such fittings as:

  • Environmental ventilation and air conditioning in apartments and offices;
  • Design of individual district heating substations and heat meters;
  • Heat pumping;
  • Cold supply;
  • Plumbing;
  • Sewerage.

Department specialists explore technical documentation and make measurements onsite. Then they prepare all the paperwork and agree it with the Client and supervisory staff.

Fitting department services

The quality and time of equipment work is very much dependant on its correct fitting. Fitting department of «Baltik-Company» implement climate systems professionally even in irregular spaces. We gain it thanks to high skill and large experience of our experts.

This department consists of several crews. Each of them works on some separate areas:

  • Diamond sawing;
  • Ventilation systems, air conditioners in St. Petersburg;
  • Cold supply systems;
  • Automatic control;
  • Heating systems;
  • Sanitation and water systems;
  • Water treatment;
  • Reboilers;
  • Job monitoring.

«Baltik-Company»'s staff are having regular advanced training: conduct planned retraining and attend seminars on new technologies. "St. Petersburg ventilation" service is provided in line with the latest knowledge in the construction industry.

Our company tries to avoid clichéd or sample solutions – we create special microclimate considering all the specialities of each and every space. Please come to «Baltik-Company» and our specialists will perfectly design and implement civil engineering in apartments block or your enterprise office.